Book-Keeping Services

Book-Keeping is the process of recording transactions in an accurate and consistent way. It is essential that every companies keep proper accounting and other records, as part of a regulatory requirements and management controls. Accounting for your transactions allow you to organise and track receipts and payments, analyse the company’s position and performance.

In a fast-paced business context, small and medium enterprise are facing strong headwinds in terms of macro-economic factors. Outsourcing of the accounting function not only aids in economical efficiency, but also allows you to channel your time and attention to the development of your business.

Book-Keeping is only the first step in several directions of business and financial planning. At QG Consultancy, we strongly believe financial statements in a key indicator for the performance of every business. We provide monthly, quarterly and yearly financial reporting as well as management reports.

•   Accounts Payable/Receivable
•   Bank Reconciliation
•   Books Cleanup
•   Cash Flow/Budgeting
•   Creditor’s Listing
•   Debtor’s Listing
•   Expenses & Receipts
•   Financial Analysis
•   Inventory Listing
•   Journal Vouchers
•   Management Reporting
•   Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Review
•   Payment Vouchers
•   Purchase Orders / Supplier Invoices
•   Sales Invoices / Delivery Orders