GST Filling Services

Goods and Service Tax (GST) is a value-added tax on most domestic goods and services. The GST rate in Singapore is currently at 7%.

As a GST-registered business, you are liable to file for GST return within a month after the end of each quarter. As part of your GST preparation, you will need to distinguish taxable and non-taxable supplies which could be both challenging and tedious. Costly mistakes are often made from improper filing or poor practices.

At QG Consultancy, we provide GST registration and filing services. We will assess your GST liability and will advise you on the optimal solutions that best fits your company’s position.

Our services include reviewing your past GST returns for any errors, identifying GST items and classifying them accordingly, working out a pre and post-filing checklist base on industry best practices and filing for GST on your behalf based on our assessment and your approval.

  •   Submission of paperwork to IRAS
  •   Computation of Goods & Services Tax

Personal Income Tax

Individuals, sole-proprietors and partnerships are required to file their taxes by the 15th of April, annually. A certified financial statement is required to be submitted along with other tax documents for sole-proprietors & partners with annual revenue exceeding S$500,000.00

  •   Personal Income Tax Submission
  •   Partnership Tax Submission

Corporate Income Tax

Every Year of Assessment (YA), all companies are required to file it’s estimated chargable income within 3 months after its financial year end and the relevant forms (Form C) by the 30th of November annually. Our tax agents will assist your company to conduct proper tax planning.

  •   Submission of relevant paperwork to IRAS
  •   Tax Computation for your organization
  •   Tax Planning
  •   Annual filing of ECI to IRAS